TrackTour Music provides royalty free production music for audio-visual and multimedia purposes. You are free to use the tracks whereever you want as many times as you need. 


Use & Copyright

The use of TrackTour Music is based on non-exclusive licensing. It means that the same disposal rights are granted to others. Though the music produced by TrackTour Music is free to use, it is still protected by exclusive rights to public performance and general transmission of a copyrighted work though.

Report & Credit?

When re-using the tracks from TrackTour Music in public or making them publicly accessible as a part of your own production (online, radio, film, TV etc), then you need to report it.

Please, contact the performing rights society in your country and submit your music report. The music produced and copyrighted by TrackTour Music, is protected by STIM (Sweden) which collaborates with corresponding organizations across the globe. They have a common responsibility to monitor public use of copyright protected works, collect and distribute royalties to the copyright owners.
Please, add this: ‘Music by TrackTour Music (’ to your production, too.